We do not teach...We coach.

six focal areas 

We value active parents participation. Parents fund the activities and stipends of the team. Every term we create the opportunity to meet and empower parents further through dialogues and guest speakers on the ADHD field. read more... 


Our History

The Personal Concept Project for Soweto Children (Pecop Soweto) is a community based weekend lifestyle and school support academy for children between the ages 07-18 years.

Found in 1997 the concept is in the position to train involve and activate hypo and hyper active children as leaders of their own standing support, and care. A tool to keep underperforming children in school.

Kasie Kids Academic Activism Awards. 1

Our position to train, involve and activate UP-children as leaders of their own academic spaces. Annually at the end of the year the concept brings together guests/parents including media and the corporate community to celebrate the children and acknowledge their academic activism throughout the year.

This reward system enables a sense of achievement and pride on both the learner and the parents, for 21years in 2018 the project delivered this family moment successfully, hosted Emdeni Secondary School.

Parents Action. 2

Every term we had the opportunity to meet and discuss progress – challenges and opportunities with parents. As stakeholders’ parents are updated on the best practices in helping their underperforming learners at home.

This platform for parents also educates and empower parents to
pay informed attention on their children academic life. Parents Action Team allows parents as beneficiaries to cope and manage their children school performance with ease.

Parents participation is central to all the services to the learners we serve. Their role is beyond just term’s meetings and seminars but they were also funders of the services.

Invested R150K back to the local Community. 3

As a highlight we have successfully raised and redistributed 65% our donations back to the community through Stipends for Student Teachers and Rent to the local school through rent for classroom usage. Local school are ever seeking additional funding for school infrastructural development and maintenance, and we are proud to continue in helping local schools in their fundraising initiatives.

Overall Program Output in 2018. 4

Learning in assorted ways appeal to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic. Field trips, camping and Library based acts gave our learners educational experiences away from their regular class

Our field trips ncluded zoos, nature centers, community agencies such as fire stations and hospitals, government agencies, local businesses and science museums. Not only do our approach provided alternative educational opportunities for our children. Our learners learnt in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they do in school. As the result their grades improved dramatically while expanding their confidence in class.