As the leaders of weekend academic activities in Soweto.


Our activities are aligned to the Department of Basic Education, using Oxford South Africa Teachers resource - world renouned teaching and learning aids...


We do not teach, but we coach...


Grade 2 - 3 (Foundation Phase = Level 2 and 3)

Grade 4 - 6 (Intemediate Phase = Level 4 to Level 6)

Grade 7 - 11 (Senior Phase/FET) = Pre matric 1 to Prematric 5)


All the school subjects that we assist our learner with are as directed by the department of basic education, through the national curriculum statement.


Basics Academy engages coaches (2yrs+ Student Teachers ) to assist our learner understand better through basics using workbooks, worksheets, textbooks, past question papers and digital classrooms/e-learning.






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Our Learner from Grade 2 - 11 is engaged to read and comprehend in English using :


  1. Workbooks from the Department of Basic Education donated by local schools.
  2. Oxford Workbooks (..which parents must purchase).
  3. I-PICK reading books from Emdeni Community Library (Free membership/I-PICK strategy).
  • Read and Tell,
  • Creative Writing, Story Telling and
  • Reading Cards (VGA) are the main tactics we religiously use to encourage and monitor reading.