Our History 
Found in 1997 the concept is in the position to train involve and activate hypo and hyper active children as leaders of their own standing support, a care tool to keep these learners in school. We rightfully define these learners as "The Invisible Learner" IL - Under performing learners - UPL

We are also able to train these once they are matriculated and out of school through the Open IT Education Resource, a certified international computer training, They mostly hold a matric with no endorsement and have no further resources/credits to take on tertiary studies, we enable them with job entry / small business management skills. This is the learner we dealt with previously and managed to keep in school. Now it becomes an opportunity to develop them further and let them take on the world.  


Why we exist ?


Let’s face it, every classroom has that one learner (more than one) that just needs “extra attention.”  He or she may be diagnosed with ADD/ ASHS, be behaviourally challenging learner, a disorganized learner, a slow or differential learner, a special needs learner, or even a gifted learner. 

Whatever the case, they need more attention than the others. What joy it would be to have a classroom filled with super organized, eager-to-learn, overly obedient, little angels who can’t wait to get started diagramming sentences and long division, but that is not the true classroom. The true classroom is a hodge-podge of little faces. Some eager to learn, some wanting to learn but struggling, some who find it impossible to stay seated for more than five minutes, and some just watching the clock!

The inability to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom is the reason Pecop sustains and manage its programs every Saturday.

About us